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Thursday 21 September 2017

Diving-Stars has signed the agreement with The United Company for Diving Medicine HYPERMED, in case of treating diving accidents in the hyperbaric chamber.

Every diver diving in our diving center has the possibility of buying the insurance payable on the spot allowing to treat him in the hyperbaric chamber in case of diving accident in Hurghada*.

The Cost of insurance is 6 Euro - time of insurance 4 weeks from the registration date.

Insurance can be purchased using Pay Now button on the right hand side or alternatively you can insure yourself after arrival. If purchasing On-Line please state date of first day you want the insurance to be activated. After arrival to Hurghada diver will recieve confirmation of the insurance and allowing him/her to stay in the hyperbaric chamber in case of diving accident requiring decompression.

Exclusions from the insurance:

  • professional divers
  • diving in forbidden areas
  • women with confirmed pregnancy
  • diving below 40 meters (excluding the licenced technical divers)
  • diving without guides (excluding the licenced technical divers)
  • for 70 years old people and above
  • alcoholics
  • drug addicts
  • people with mental illnesses
  • people suffering from uncontrolled diabetes
  • asthmatics
  • epileptics

* - Insurance only covers diving conducted in the Diving-Stars




Diving Insurance

  • 4 weeks


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