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Thursday 21 September 2017

Carless Reef EN

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Undoubtedly, Careless Reef is one of the most beautiful reefs located on the coast of Hurganda. Unfortunately, a few years ago echinoderms( which belong to the species crown of thorn) turned up here . As  a result of it, much of the reef has been destroyed. In spite of the damage done Carless Reef still remains an interesting place due to the fact that natural process of rebuilding has already begun.

There are two stone blocks , each of a diameter of 20 meters. Each block is as deep as 3 meters below the water level. What is more, both rocks emerge from  plateau which is situated as deep as 18-20 meters below the sea level. The plateau itself is surrounded  by a steep slope.
At the bottom of the reef between its block , one can find a few truly magnificent morays.
The steep slope is often visited by sharks on their patrol. A reef garden located on the northern part of the plateau creates another possibility of diving. The bed-rock gradually lowers here to reach finally the depth of 27 meters.  Tortoises, . barracudas and whitetip sharks can be spotted here on regular basis. Anyone looking for a bit of isolation from the rest of divers and into seeing two reef block should come here!


Będąc na spotkaniu integracyjnym w Egipcie, zorganizowanym przez naszą firmę, pierwszy raz zanurzyłem się pod wodę w pełnym sprzęcie. Poczułem się wtedy jak bohater filmu. W momentach kiedy chcę poczuć się nieziemsko lecę tam z powrotem by oderwać się od rzeczywistości. To ja Batman


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