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Thursday 21 September 2017

Once upon a time

Written by  Gabi
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Egypt, Hurghada, sun, wonderful climate, not only in geographical terms – my dreams. I’m in Poland now, awaiting another trip to this wonderful country. I’m preparing for AOWD course. I’m reading diving literature, learning something new and rehearsing whatever I’ve learned already. All my actions come down to be closer to Egypt and people I met there. I recall and dream, being amazed by a man, who made underwater adventure available for all of us.

Being delighted by my memories I dig a bit deeper. I had my first diving experience twenty one years ago. It wasn’t easy. I enrolled in a course in September. Final exams combined with quarry diving supposed to be in June. Classes were held twice a week in a place 20 km away from my home. Theory lesson first and after that 90 minutes in swimming pool. It was very time consuming, I was leaving my home at 4pm to be back after 11pm. I had no car, so I had to travel by bus or a train. It had nothing in common with pleasure of diving. It was hard work, focused on high-performance swimming. You had to know theory to the finest detail.

I had a feeling we are being prepared to work in diving equipment factory. In addition to the way regulator works, you also had to know the build schematics and types of materials from which it is built. It was disaster. This whole training complexity just killed the charm. Here in Egypt, instructor is always at hand, serving his knowledge. Back in the day there was no time for it, there was 15 people in a group, so you had to refer to your notes or a hard-obtained diving literature. My ABC equipment was Russian made. There was no choice of colour or quality, you had to take whatever was available, even little-bit-too-tight fins. There were three complete diving suits for a whole group. We were taking turns to use them for exercise. It was sort of a prize. Whoever was a first to finish swimming (crawl, breaststroke and back style) had a right to go first. Losers had to “trample cabbage”, which was sort of exercise for legs (breaststroke style kicks) and clapping hands. Equipment was not always available for training. It was sort of scarce goods, so most of the time we were perfecting underwater swimming techniques. We were trained to use one regulator for two people. It was hard work and great energy expense. The funniest thing (or pathetic I’d rather say) was theory exam. It was instructor-level difficult, every single person failed. The make up exam never took place, because our group parted and instructors disappeared. I lost my savings and I lost whole year of training. Sometimes I thought about these days, but it was never enough to start the whole thing again. I never thought, that diving world made such a progress. That’s why fate gave me another chance. I never thought that being my age I would have another go at it. I met a man who put diving in completely different light. Equipment availability and logistic possibilities made a whole thing available to everyone, who’s willing to experience the depths. You need just 4 days to become recreational diver. You can complete a swimming pool/open water course or attend a course while abroad on vacation.

This time fate smiled at me and put me in touch with divers, just to verify my old skills and allow me to soak something previously so difficult. With such instructors you learn effortlessly. Knowledge just going straight to head and you get experience learning from the best. There are no “prizes” as everything is included in standard package. You can rent whole equipment exclusively for your own use (shame, it’s not free to take home). Plenty of things you learn from instructional videos. You don’t have to imagine it, just copy it and follow the guide. There’s one instructor per six attendees, so he always has time to explain and make things clear. When you get on the boat you enter the carefree and magic world of joy. Despite earlier fear and uncertainness, you become calm and relaxed. Whole crew is so warm that you feel like being amongst your family. Everything has its own place. There’s time for play and madness and there’s a time to learn and being focused, before getting in water, just to be safe and sound. It’s a corner of the world, where everyone feels great, an oasis of goodness. I invite everyone here, who would like to turn grey reality into beautiful fairy tale. Here, where are no shout or anger and people experience this silent world with their feel, eyes and heart.



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