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Thursday 21 September 2017

Pharaoh's Revenge

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Pharaoh's Revenge - In an age of frequent travel over long distances health security has become a major concern especially in countries with hot climates such as one in Egypt.

How to avoid 'Revange'

• Wash your hands before each meal, if this is not possible (eating on the streets) carry around baby-wipes or disinfectant gel,

• Do not drink tap water under any circumstances, only bottled water is safe to drink,

• Avoid ice for drinks when you're not sure of water used for it - freezing does not kill bacteria,

• Do not drink raw milk, pasteurized only,

• Wash fruit thoroughly, even those that are peeled,

• Wash or peel vegetables, particularly the ground vegetables

• Avoid ice cream and cakes, which come from casual sellers (those in hotels are usualy safe)


What to do when you unfortunate?

• You must replace fluids in the body, because you can dehydrate very quickly. Drink bottled water, tea, avoid milk and fresh juices,

• Alcohol does not help the diarrhea. It could harm you causing additional dehydration, not to mention other side effects,

• Don’t forget to eat. Remember to avoid things fried, butter, citrus, watermelon, eggs, because it increases the diarrhea,

• You can eat rice, boiled potatoes, salty crackers, soup, guava fruit,

• Egyptian anti-diarrhea medicine Antinal with dose double than UK's  Loperamide is more effective in fighting effects of the revenge.

• Remember that taking any medicine (Antinal included) may cause allergic reactions especially when taken with other medicines.

Therefore, before taking any medication you should first consult a physician.

• Most cases of 'Pharaoh revenge' treated on an outpatient basis, with symptoms such as diarrhea only given medication. If the patient ignoressymptoms for too long high temperature, vomiting and diarrhea, dehydration can lead to unconsciousness. Treatment for severe cases includes administering electrolytes, glucose and antibiotics.

• Special attention should be paid to the children.

Hurghada Diving Centre - Diving-Stars works closely with the Hurghada-Klinik.

If necessary, please call base directly +20 1224 566 642


Wieczny student, mały gałgan, marny wokalista, swój własny fan i prosiaczek z kubusia puchatka, nie lubię wszystkiego co mnie drażni, lubię pic piwo ale moja wątroba niekoniecznie. Jestem geniuszem tylko jeszcze nie wiem w jakiej dziedzinie, uwielbiam spełniać się jako pisarz i wcale nie jestem do tego zmuszany ...


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