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Thursday 21 September 2017


We got excelent equipment for divers as well as for people who try to dive for the first time. equipment can be rented or purchased at an attractive price.

maska readyLOOK mask from the launch was very successful. Its market success is repeated season after season, putting it from year to year among the best selling masks in the world. Apron mask is made with only the best commercially available silicone (LSR), for maximum transparency and the highest resistance to UV radiation. This mask can be disassembled with hands, which is very useful if you want to replace the glass in the mask for corrective. Simply replace the standard glass for Corrective available with a negative correction of -1.00 to -10.00 diopters and positive from 1.50 to 3.00, in increments, of 0.5.

flexFLEXUS DRY Snorkle - guard at the top of the pipe reduces the possibility of water getting into the pipe. Bright red color increases visibility from a distance, thus increasing safety. The large volume of helps the removal of the water. The mouthpiece can be turned to the most comfortable position for a mouth.

piankaWetsuit – 5mm shortie with long sleve and bottoms 5mm. All our wetsuits are custom made especially for us by OCEAN PRO

tusaTUSA BCD-2100 low weight BCD ideal for traveling diver. BCD-2100 also used a new system of isolating harness from the air chamber. IHS prevents tank movement. Better BCD layout improves comfort . Buoyancy is controlled by patented Tusa OPEV infrator.

pletwa readyTECHNISUB BLADES fins - constructed in a layered technology that combines rubber with plastic skeleton. Solutions used in these fins are the result of recent work of TECHNISUB company and are covered by patent protection: the spring effect, the flow channeling, rigid foot pocket, and adjustable swivel buckles with quick unfasten, pre-shaped elements.


You can test-drive our equipment and if you like it you may consider buying it in our centre. Alternatively you can contact us after you come back from your holiday and we'll be able to post any items to your home address.


Diving Stars
Abu Ramada Street, Hurghada, Egypt

United Kingdom +44 770 691 5314
Germany +49 178 5263669
Egypt +20 1224 566 642
Poland +48 606 108 743

Email: info@diving-stars.com

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